A summery October in Belgrade…

Fruitful discussions in Belgrade!

After autumnal Berlin, Alex and Bisserka flew to sunny Belgrade (24 degrees at the end of October….), where they were joined by Professor Alasdair Whittle and Dr. Alistair Barclay and the wonderful Team Serbia – Professor Nenad Tasić, Miroslav Marić and Kristina Penezić. We had a heavy programme ahead of us but with the help […] Read more »

Autumn in Berlin…

Wolfram hunting out yet more samples.

As autumn came upon Berlin, so did Alex Bayliss and Bisserka Gaydarska.  Not much time to enjoy the autumn beauty though…..Together with Wolfram Schier, we spent two days of intensive modelling (thanks to Alex’s new computer) and discussion of the results of the first round for Uivar. We now have a total of 159 dates […] Read more »

The underground collective burial of Les Mournouards II, Le Mesnil-sur Oger, Marne

In the event, test samples from Bazoches proved to be extremely low in collagen (as had happened also with bone samples from the enclosure on the same site) and it has been decided to date the hypogée of Les Mournouards II instead. The famous chalk-cut tomb of Les Mournouards II was excavated in 1960 by […] Read more »

Westray: Links of Noltland

Links of Noltland, view from the site out to sea

Taxi, train, two planes, bus, and ferry and I finally arrived on Westray, new trowel in my bag and eager to get to site.  The Links of Noltland is idyllically situated on the edge of a sandy bay on the island of Westray.  The site is enormous and the archaeology stunning. My trowel was of little […] Read more »

Vinča samples…

Vinča samples

Team Vinča have been hard at work excavating a new deep sounding through the whole of September (rescuing a small part of the tell that is falling into the Danube). Lots of nice new radiocarbon samples have been recovered! Tweet Read more »

ToTL travel north

Alasdair Whittle, Peter Marshall and the new project RA Jessica Smyth headed up to Edinburgh this month for a meeting with David Clarke, about his excavations on the iconic Orkney Grooved Ware site of Skara Brae. The publication of David’s investigations at Skara is running in parallel with ToTL and the stratigraphical and chronological detail […] Read more »

Vinča figurine discovered

This attractive Vinča culture figurine fragment was recently discovered in the ongoing excavations led by Professor Nenad Tasić of the new deep sounding at Belo Brdo. The figurine was found in one of the wall trenches of a house excavated in 2012 in the upper levels of the tell, though the fill of this context […] Read more »

Transdanubian Lengyel

On Friday 26th April 2013, the attention of Alsónyék-Bátaszék team turned to the wider context of the burial evidence. This time the starting point was the ceramic seriation for Lengyel graves from Transdanubia presented by István Zalai-Gaál. The graves from Alsónyék itself fall only in the later part of this seriation so, in order to […] Read more »