Alsónyék start-up meeting

Alsonyek_mtalogoszAt an initial meeting in Budapest in July 2012, we selected six paired samples of human and animal bone in order to check for potential offsets caused by human consumption of freshwater fish. Neither the 14C dates nor the isotopic analysis (carried out by Nancy Beavan) indicate fish consumption, making this site an ideal candidate for further dating and modelling.

On this basis, over 100 samples, mainly on human bone, were selected in a first round in September 2012 from different areas of the site. The samples were chosen in order to date activity in different parts of the site and across different phases as indicated by typology and seriation. Some were also selected for their particularly interesting grave goods or other features (e.g. potential cases of tuberculosis). We are currently awaiting results. A second round of sample selection will take place in April 2013.

In the future, we plan to expand this project to include other Lengyel culture cemeteries from the same geographical areas in order to provide an even tighter dating for various phases of the combined seriation. Potential sites include Zengővárkony (368 graves), Mórágy (109 graves), and Lengyel itself (67 graves).