The first Alsace project meeting

In September 2012, project members (Anthony Denaire, Alex Bayliss, Alasdair Whittle and Penny Bickle) met in Strasbourg to discuss the current understanding of the region’s chronology and sample selection. It was decided that the project would focus on Alsace, partly to avoid complications in the lack of compatibility between different seriations in the Upper and Middle Rhine Valley and because Alsace forms a geographically well defined area. In total, it is hoped that up to 150 new radiocarbon dates will be obtained. Up to 50 dates were assigned to the LBK, which are divided between the two seriations for north (Basse-Alsace) and south (Haute-Alsace) Alsace. The rest of the dates will be used for refining the Middle Neolithic sequence.

In all cases we will be selecting material to date from closed contexts that are part of the ceramic seriations. We will radiocarbon date human bone from complete inhumations where available, primarily from the cemeteries of Rosheim Rosenmeer, which has graves with both Grossgartach and Rössen ceramics, and Lingolsheim. Where human bone is unavailable or not part of the ceramic sequences, articulated or articulating animal bone will be chosen.