ToTL was back in Budapest!!!

Enjoying the sunshine in Budapest

Enjoying the sunshine in Budapest

Alex Bayliss, Alasdair Whittle and Derek Hamilton were recently in Budapest again for a week, to work with Team Alsónyék on a series of seven linked papers, presenting the site, our methodology, the four phases of occupation — Starčevo, LBK, Sopot and Lengyel — and discussion. Now that all the dates have been completed, there are many models to write up, and much to discuss; the site becomes more and more interesting as the chronology becomes more precise.

The photos show us at work in the Institute of Archaeology, and in the sunshine — which we had all week — on the way to lunch. We looked at the solar eclipse from the courtyard of the Institute. Though you could see the reduced crescent sun through darkened lenses, it was such a bright day that it hardly made any difference to the light.

ToTL's Budapest mascot!!!

ToTL’s Budapest mascot!!!

The other critter shown is not a ToTL team member (yet), but one of the menagerie in a cool café which Alasdair and his research student Susan Stratton discovered in Pest, where you can have snakes, chameleons, hedgehogs and other wildlife on your table with your cappuccino!