It was sunny but cold as TOTL rolled into Paris…

Alasdair Whittle, Frances Healy and Alistair Barclay were in Paris again recently to work with Laure Salanova, Philippe Chambon, Anne-Sophie Marçais and Arnaud Blin. Our models for the Bury collective tomb are nearly finished, which will go in Laure and Philippe’s forthcoming monograph. We are still waiting for the last dates for the Les Mournouards […] Read more »

TOTL went to San Francisco

ToTL has been travelling recently, to the Society for American Archaeology annual conference, held this year in April in San Francisco. Alex Bayliss, Alasdair Whittle, Eszter Bánffy, Seren Griffiths, Arek Marciniak and Derek Hamilton all contributed to a successful ToTL-based session called ‘The short and the long of it: combining timescales’. We were joined by […] Read more »