Bisserka Gaydarska

Research Assistant



Research Interests
Material culture studies (fragmentation, artifact biography)
GIS and Landscape Archaeology
Prehistory of Central and South Europe
Interdisciplinary studies

Selected Publications
- 2013 ‘Spatial Analysis in Field Archaeology’ In Encyclopaedia of Global Archaeology. New York: Springer.

- 2013 (with Burdo, N., Videiko, M. & Chapman, J.) Houses in the archaeology of the Tripillia-Cucuteni groups. In Hofmann, D. & Smyth, J. (eds.) Tracking the Neolithic house in Europe. Sedentism, architecture and practice. New York: Springer.

- 2012 ’Fragmentation’ In The Oxford Companion to Archaeology. Second Edition. Editor-in-chief: Neil Asher Silberman, OUP USA

- 2012 ‘The ‘nos’ to the left have it!’: sidedness and materiality of prehistoric artefacts. In Cochrane, A. & Jones, A. M. (eds.) Visualising the Neolithic. Oxford: Oxbow Books, 243–259.

- 2011 (with Chapman, J.) Can we reconcile individualization with relational personhood? A case study from the Early Neolithic. Documenta Praehistorica, XXXVIII, 21–43.

- 2011 Bulgaria. In Marquez-Grant, N. and Fibiger, L. (eds.) Physical Anthropology and Legislation: European Perspectives. Taylor and Francis, 73–81.

- 2010 (with Chapman, J.) ‘Fragmenting hominins and the presencing of Early Palaeolithic social worlds.’ Proceedings of the British Academy 158: 417–452.

- 2009 A short history of TAG. Antiquity,  83, 1152–1162.

- 2009 (with Chapman, J. and  Magyari, E. M) ’Contrasting subsistence strategies in the Early Iron Age? – new results from the Alföld Plain, Hungary, and the Thracian Plain, Bulgaria’. Oxford Journal of Archaeology, 28(2).

- 2008 (with Kostov, R. I. and Gurova, M.) (Eds.). Geoarchaeology and Archaeomineralogy. Proceedings of the International Conference, 29-30 October 2008 Sofia, Publishing House “St. Ivan Rilski”, Sofia.

- 2007(with Higham, T., Chapman, J., Slavchev, V., Honch, N., Yordanov, Y. & Dimitrova, B.) New perspectives on the Varna cemetery (Bulgaria) – AMS dates and social implications. Antiquity, 81, 640–654.

- 2007 Landscape, Material Culture and Society in South East Bulgaria. BAR International Series, 1618. Oxford: Archaeopress.

- 2006 (with J. Chapman). Parts and wholes: fragmentation in prehistoric context. Oxford: Oxbow Books.