Penny Bickle

Research Assistant
Telephone: +44 (0)1904 323935
Department of Archaeology,
University of York,
The King’s Manor,

Research Interests
Dr. Penny Bickle is a lecturer at the University of York, specialising in the European Neolithic, and is interested in how we can capture past lifeways.

Selected Publications
Bickle, P. and A. Whittle (eds). 2013. The first farmers of Central Europe: diversity in LBK lifeways. Oxford: Oxbow.

Bickle, P. 2013. Of time and the house: the early farming communities of the Linearbandkeramik and their domestic architecture. In D. Hofmann and J. Smyth (eds), Tracking the Neolithic house in Europe – sedentism, architecture and practice, 151–181. New York: Springer.

Bickle, P., D. Hofmann, R.A. Bentley, R. Hedges, J. Hamilton, F. Laiginhas, G. Nowell, D.G. Pearson, G. Grupe and A. Whittle. 2011. Community heterogeneity in the early Linearbandkeramik: isotope evidence in its archaeological context at Aiterhofen. Antiquity 85, 1243–1258.

Hofmann, D. and P. Bickle. 2011. Culture, tradition and the settlement burials of the Linearbandkeramik (LBK) Culture. In B.W. Roberts and M. Vander Linden (eds.), Investigating Archaeological Cultures: material culture, variability and transmission, 183–200. New York: Springer.