Peter Marshall

Bayesian Modelling
Address: English Heritage
1 Waterhouse Square
138–142 Holborn

Selected Publications

The chronology of late Neolithic monumentality in Wessex
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Robust chronologies for environmental and geoarchaeology
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Living on the edge – the archaeology of South Uist
Marshall, P, and Parker Pearson, M, 2012 An Iron Age islet in Upper Loch Bornish M Parker Pearson (ed) From The Machair To The Mountains: Archaeological Survey And Excavation in South Uist, Sheffield Environmental and Archaeological Research Campaign in the Hebrides Volume 4, 259–270

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Early Mining
Timerlake, S, and Marshall, P, 2013 Understanding the chronology of British Bronze Age mines – Bayesian modelling and theories of exploitation, Proceedings of the 2nd HIMAT Conference 2012, Innsbruck

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