Suzi Richer

Research Associate
Address: School of History, Archaeology and Religion
Cardiff University
Humanities Building
Colum Drive
CF10 3EU


Suzi is also an environmental archaeologist at Worcestershire Archaeology where she specialises in pollen and NPP analysis and is responsible for the submission and reporting of radiocarbon dates.

Research Interests

Environmental archaeology; palynology; environment change; commercial archaeology; upland environments, archaeology, and conservation.

Selected Publications

Saul, H, Waterton, E, and Richer, S. (in review) Community restoration of a Nyingma-pa Buddhist monastery in the village of Langtang in the Nepalese Himalayas: a window on local attitudes to conservation, heritage and their management. Submission to Conservation and Society.

Walsh, K, Court-Picon, M, de Beaulieu, J-L, Guiter, F, Mocci, F, Richer, S, Sinet, R, Talon, B and Tzortzis, S, (in press) Archaeology and palaeoecology of the Mesolithic to the medieval period. Quaternary International

Barrett J, H, Farr, L,R, Redhouse, D, Richer, S, Zimmermann J, Sharpe L, Ovenden S, Moore J, Poller T, Millek, K.B, Simpson I,A, Smith, M, Gourley, B, and O’Connor, T, (2012). Quoygrew and its landscape context. In J.H. Barrett (ed.), Being an Islander: Production and Identity at Quoygrew, Orkney, AD 900–1600. Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, 25–46.

Walsh, K, and Richer, S, 2006 Attitudes to altitude: changing meanings and perceptions within a “marginal” Alpine landscape – the integration of palaeoecological and archaeological data in a high-altitude landscape in the French Alps, World Archaeology, 38(3), 436–454.