Alsace Round 2 sampling trip

Alsace_Ros T055 (3)

January and February were busy months for the Alsace sub-project. The skeletons from the Rosheim Rosenmeer cemetery were sampled in Bordeaux and then Penny Bickle and archaeozoologist Adrienne Powell (Cardiff University) made it safely through the snow to Strasbourg, where they sampled articulating and refitting animal bone from both LBK and Middle Neolithic settlement pits […] Read more »

Round 1 sampling for Alsace

Alsace_Ros T055 (3)

In November 2012, Penny Bickle travelled to Alsace to begin sampling. Anthony Denaire (ANTEA) and Philippe Lefranc (INRAP) helped her to begin to track down the locations of possible samples and some of the LBK animal bone assemblages were investigated for possible articulations. Tweet Read more »

The first Alsace project meeting

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In September 2012, project members (Anthony Denaire, Alex Bayliss, Alasdair Whittle and Penny Bickle) met in Strasbourg to discuss the current understanding of the region’s chronology and sample selection. It was decided that the project would focus on Alsace, partly to avoid complications in the lack of compatibility between different seriations in the Upper and […] Read more »