Budapest in January

In January, Alex and Alasdair flew to Budapest to meet up with the rest of Team Alsónyék. Some delays have been caused by a technical gremlin, although the work to resolve this is now nearing completion. Consequently we were able to review the existing results (many thanks to Derek who provided an invaluable modelling-by-phone-and-email service), […] Read more »

Transdanubian Lengyel

On Friday 26th April 2013, the attention of Alsónyék-Bátaszék team turned to the wider context of the burial evidence. This time the starting point was the ceramic seriation for Lengyel graves from Transdanubia presented by István Zalai-Gaál. The graves from Alsónyék itself fall only in the later part of this seriation so, in order to […] Read more »

ToTL at the 7th International ‘Radiocarbon & Archaeology’ Symposium

The Abbey of St Peter, Ghent

The first results from ToTL were presented in the splendid surroundings of the Abbey of St Peter, Ghent, Belgium between 8 and 12 April 2013 at the 7th International Symposium ‘14C and Archaeology’. Alex gave a talk entitled “An Archaeological Typology of Bayesian Chronological Models” where she presented for the first time some ideas about the […] Read more »

Alsónyék start-up meeting


At an initial meeting in Budapest in July 2012, we selected six paired samples of human and animal bone in order to check for potential offsets caused by human consumption of freshwater fish. Neither the 14C dates nor the isotopic analysis (carried out by Nancy Beavan) indicate fish consumption, making this site an ideal candidate […] Read more »