The first Alsace project meeting

Alsace_Ros T067a et T067B (12)

In September 2012, project members (Anthony Denaire, Alex Bayliss, Alasdair Whittle and Penny Bickle) met in Strasbourg to discuss the current understanding of the region’s chronology and sample selection. It was decided that the project would focus on Alsace, partly to avoid complications in the lack of compatibility between different seriations in the Upper and […] Read more »

Alsónyék start-up meeting


At an initial meeting in Budapest in July 2012, we selected six paired samples of human and animal bone in order to check for potential offsets caused by human consumption of freshwater fish. Neither the 14C dates nor the isotopic analysis (carried out by Nancy Beavan) indicate fish consumption, making this site an ideal candidate […] Read more »